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The Printed Silk Satin Manthan Saree

Age old and one of the exquisite art forms in India rich artistic culture, the traditional art of Madhubani inspired this beautiful designer limited edition hand crafted saree in pure silk heavy satin in grey color. Today, we revisit the unique style of narratives with our a Manthan saree intricately and luxuriously hand painted on silk satin, reciting the episode from Vishnu Purana- the origin of Amrit- the nectar of immorality from the great Samudra-manthan. The serpentine pattern represents the Nagaraja as a churning rope with other elements that came from the Milking Of the Ocean- Kalpavriksha tree, Kamdhenu Cow, Amrit, Halahala, and many more. The circles denote the Sea.


Silk Satin


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