Our ethos

A common thread that runs through all our work.
At its very soul, Satya Paul is not just about designing saris;
it is about giving our patrons a medium for self-expression. We want our creations to be bold,
unique, and meaningful. To transform its wearers into living works of art.
Clothes can make a statement. Let that statement be well-crafted and filled of beauty

Weaving a new legacy.

At Satya Paul, our love for saris goes beyond the Benarasi. Our favoured designs feature bold,
modern patterns brought to life by the skilled double Ikat artisans of Telangana.
With its distinctive blurred lines, double Ikat was meant to blur the boundaries between
a centuries old process and new age design.

Our ties tell a tale.

Stylish, sophisticated, and a 100% silk – our ties are not made for stiff collars, but to add a touch
of easy elegance. Each tie is a thing of beauty. A sliver of contemporary art, woven by artisans who carry
the legacy of their forefathers in their fingertips. Just the accessory for the modern sophisticate.